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Jan 9, 2013 9:00am PST
couldn't pull a fast one. two names are being floated to replace lew, dennis mcdonagh, currently his deputy national security adviser and ron klain. but the latest cabinet nomination is, surprise, creating consternation among who else, congressional republicans. after calling chuck hagen an in-your-face nomination outside of the mainstream, the pugnacious gop has already made known its displeasure with jack lew, calling his nomination controversial, a mistake, and worst of all, irritating. according to senator mike johanns of nebraska, i just think there are economic policies in this administration that haven't been well received and jack lew is in the middle of that. you heard that correctly, america, president obama intends to name a treasury secretary who agrees with his economic policies. meanwhile, purveyor from alabama jeff sessions had this to say. you would think he might want to be gracious in his victory and seek more bipartisan support. if anybody knows more about grace and bipartisanship it is the gop. joining us now, hans nichols, ready to play with us here in the big le
Jan 10, 2013 5:00am PST
commuted to life and then he was paroled. dennis is now behind bars and he is facing one other additional count of murder. channel 2 news. >>> an alligator is taking center stage in a bizarre marijuana bust. joining us live with what investigators are saying about this strange case. >> it is a strange case and there has been a lot happening. the man who owns this alligate was booked nine hours after he was orest ared. we are down the street from the oakland zoo because that is where this alligator is, his name is mr. teeth. we want to tell you what we know about him. the 36-year-old man bought the alligator to commemorate the memory of two pock. they found the gator in this home and they had just moved in recently and they had several  dogs including a pitt bull. >> even when we went into the backyard we would carry a bat with us. >> because he were concerned about their dogs? >> yes. >> well, they also didn't expect this, 34 pounds of processed marijuana with an estimated value of $100,000 they were there for a check of his home for his parole. and he was arrested officially at 31 2:00
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Jan 9, 2013 1:00pm EST
very much. we'll be right back. dennis: welcome back, everybody. we are continuing to talk about boeing and it 787. i notice that you said that these problems could force some kind of severe action from regulators as they get into this. what kind of action could that be? >> one of the issues that we look at is the ability of the aircraft to fly long distances over water. that is integral to what the 787 is all about. extended overwater operations. the electrical system and the reliability of the engines speak to the granting of this. as far as he tops, it is currently being delivered at 180 minute. these issues are ones where regulators are watching very closely. its authority that they can withdraw at any time. dennis: that would have an impact on cash flow, would it not? could that have a big impact? >> this is not at a level where they can adjust it. it would be far more expensive to slow down. that is the difficulty in aircraft manufacturing. even if you determine you have some type of issue, you keep building and correctly and you fix it after the fact. in regards to production rat
Jan 10, 2013 4:00am EST
in the last 24 hours around dennis mcdonna. sources tell me that dennis mcdonough is the chief candidate. ron biden has already been a contender. wool see whether the president pairs the announcement of a new chief of staff with jack lew's appointment today. >> so jack lew seems to have the nomination locked up. danny krugman is expected to be looked go ahead at for treasury secretary. >>> still, that's a subject for great discussion. now let's bring you up to speed with the action on today's global markets report. will i sixuan is with us. hi, sixuan. >> thank you, ross. that surprising number in trade data has helped beat sentiment in asia. the sensex index had a fresh 19-month high in trade before closing up .6%. airline stocks on upgrades. the shanghai composite finished in the green, up .4%. the nuclear power sector surged after it resumed its nuclear project after a 20-month suspension. some agriculture stocks topped the gains in that market. the nikkei 225 was pushed higher. the yen was around 288 handle against the greenback. new prime minister shen zoe abe asked the bank of japan to
Jan 9, 2013 7:00pm PST
math teacher. who is this? that's pete. my... [ dennis' voice ] allstate agent. a "starving artist" has an allstate agent? he got me... [ dennis' voice ] the allstate value plan. it's their most affordable car insurance and you still get an agent. [ normal voice ] i call it... [ dennis' voice ] the protector. is that what you call it? the protector! okay. ♪ the allstate value plan. are you in good hands? >>> he is a graduate of bayonne high school, in new jersey, where he was born, graduated from harvard in 1962, and continued studies and was a teaching fellow. in 1964, he participated in "freedom summer," as did many other jews his age, including michael goodman, who was killed, they, along with james cheney, along with barney frank were helping african-americans register to vote. barney frank arrived before three of his co-workers and stayed after they were murdered. the world knew it took courage to go to mississippi as a freedom rider. and after those murders, the world knew how much courage it took. barney frank had that courage. i first heard him speak as a guest lecturer at har
Jan 10, 2013 10:00am PST
, the chief of staff will be, fill in the blank. is it dennis mcdonough or ron klain. what white man is tliblg take the chief of staff job? >> well, it depends who you ask, andrea. depending on who you ask some folks think that it is dennis mcdonough, the former deputy national security advisor. some say it's ron klain, who is, of course, the former chief of staff for joe biden. the bottom line is, my sources are telling me, that the final decision has not been made yet, but we do believe that it's been whittled down between these two men. to your point about diversity, i've been talking to white house officials about these cabinet position that is remain open, the position of hilda solis. does the president feel an urgency to create more diversity in the wake of all of this criticism that he has been getting? no direct answer has been given, but i can tell you that this is certainly something that they are very aware of. they feel as though the criticism is unfair for all of the reasons that you just went through. this is something that they're going to be paying close attention to, and as yo
Jan 11, 2013 6:00pm PST
in that view in coordination with others on the team like dennis mcdonough and tom donilon, really recall the deal and the terms of the deal and they took the troops back. and that broke the back of a notion that a large military footprint delivered automatically the kind of security deliverables that the military was promising. it actually created blowback and counter reaction much like the alliance that you showed in that piece that there is more violence after the surge than before the surge. >> that i think is the key c conceptual that security advances from troop numbers. you didn't get the advances you said would come with the troop numbers. so now you don't get troop numbers indefinitely because they haven't been proven to have the strategic effect that you said they would. that breaking in that logic train has happened in the national security establishment in the obama administration. the question is whether it has happened in congress. do you anticipate a conservative congressional freak-out here, other than from the predetermined one from john mccain? >> well, i think john mcca
Jan 11, 2013 3:00am PST
for looking for a new chief of staff. everybody reports there are two candidates to be chief of staff. dennis mcdonna who is the deputy national security adviser. good guy. good friend of ours or the chief of staff to joe biden at one time. both are white males. nancy who is the deputy -- now the deputy chief staff under jack lew nobody has talked about whether or not she might step up to be chief of staff. so the problem gets a little more serious. look, diversity is important. certainly celebrate it. with barack obama. pardon me. maybe we expect to see more of it from barack obama. or are people just getting him too hard a time and should his goal be to get the number one best qualified position on the job whether it is a man or a woman or a person of color? 1-866-55-press. let's get into it right here, friday morning, on the "full court press." >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for
Jan 10, 2013 1:00pm EST
in the clinton administration. very experienced washington hand. but the lead candidate, i'm told is dennis mcdona. long time obama aid. he would fit the practice, the pattern that president established of picking people close to him for key jobs. like jack lew, he is a no-drama figure. somebody whose ego is not out front. he gets along with others. >> at one time he broke with that pattern i suspect when he went with bill daly, not a chicagoan but not part of that inner circle here. >> just thei issue of independence. if jack lew were able to deliver fiscal sanity. if you ask guys in the market, what is one thing they want from the market, first order they want to away from the brinksmanship toward the level of sanity. corporate tax reform. and i guess i want to throw out to the group here, does the appointment of jack lew make more likely less likely or have no impact at all on the possibility that we get a little fiscal sanity from washington? because to my measure, that's the real thing that matters to the market. >> i think it is. >> i would say not much impact to the extent there is any.
Jan 9, 2013 9:00am EST
committee of this board of clearwire, by the way, i think they've done a good job. it's run by dennis hersh, who i know, they're advised by very good people, they're finding out ways to get sprint to pay more -- >> did the special committee -- >> he's been head of the special committee. >> did they bring charlie in? >> no, the special committee here is going to work, as it must, to try to see if there's some sort of workable deal whether they with either get sprint to pay more money, to get this done with, because timing is important, or come up with some sort of workable plan so ergen can play $3.30 a share. >> where was these guys when the stock was in a pocket? >> what i want to make sure people understand is this is not a typical overbid from some company where you've got one bid at $2.97 and a clear pathway to $3.30. not at all the case. and the other question is, what ergen is really after. where is he really going, is he going to try to work a back door deal with sprint, because don't forget, dish has bought an enormous amount of spectrum of its own. it got approval from the fcc in d
Jan 10, 2013 9:00am EST
picks. the betting is on his successor as chief of staff being another insider, dennis mcdonough, who is now the deputy national security adviser. >> first things first on that story. the top republican on the senate banking committee has come out opposing lew's nomination saying that he must never be secretary of treasury. on the cnbc newsline this morning, senator jeff sessions. good morning. >> good. budget committee, not banking. >> never is a long time, senator. it certainly sounds like a threat to filibuster. how serious are you? >> i feel very strongly about this. in 2011 when he was the omb director, we hoped that there would be an historic bipartisan agreement about our debt course. he came before the american people, announced the budget that he had crafted and said, quote, our budget will get us over the next several years to the point where we can look the american people in the eye and say we're not adding to the debt anymore, we're spending money that we have each your, then we can work to bring down our national debt. that was utterly and totally false. his own numbers
FOX Business
Jan 10, 2013 1:00pm EST
are in, and there are some surprises about who was left out. no surprise, dennis kneele is on the story. >> reporter: a dead president, a dead terrorists, and a computer animated tagger let oscar nominations out today along with a major snub that may reflect hollywood liberal bent. an impressive 12 nominations including best picture, best director, and the three bids for actors. "life of pi" came in second, now, the nine best film, commercially a better crop than last year. a silent film won best picture, though few people ever bothered to see it. the best film nominees include the musical box office hit "les miserables" with eight nominations total. "silver lingings playbook." "django unchained" got five nominations, and the air ron hostage thriller "argo" got seven nominations. the osama kill mission thriller "zero dark thirty" getting five oscar nods, but nothing for its director who won the oscar for the her locker a few years ago. hollywood accusing her of endorsing torture as a way of -- playing a role in finding a osama. the dark horse is this little noticed "beast of the souther
Jan 10, 2013 9:00pm EST
direction, to say that disclosure matters, we need better information in the market, but in addition dennis is a key part of having a functioning market. -- fairness is a key part of having a functioning market. having a standard is eight -- will allow this to occur, and having this issue by an agency which for the first time has its main goal and focus to benefit consumers is also a novel set of regulations and a novel paradigm. this is your first significant mortgage rule, and we congratulate you. the microphone works this time. thanks for the question period is a very important one. one of the things that we advocated for in the lead up to the crisis were for regulators to adopt a set of rules that would apply across the market's very broadly. we were seeing a very grave difference between loans that were being originated and the subprime -- in the subprime market verse is the prime market. . versus the prime market. what we wanted were unified standards applicable across the board to all mortgages so that we could help standardize the mortgage experience for consumers but also insure ba
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)